And my first aid offered it you you said Fran Marcos Barreira want a cup of coffee. Says Marcos if thank you took coffee and suddenly says Marcos Barreira.Presiento that someone needs my help gotta go duty I called Ciao Fran. Marcos Barreira angled the C6 bus and is under in the Beade Church. Says Marcos Barreira. Dear readers is an advantage be spirit, not pay transport. Marcos Barreira 10 sitting alone girl found one on the floor and crying. And I ask him. I do not cry do your Alone at these times without anyone this protecting you during these hours.

They are the 5 at night. Replied the little girl. My parents I abandoned. (Similarly see: Mashable). Not have where to live I’m going very badly. Marcos Barreira are you published a tear.

You answer Marcos Barreira. Ven Conmigo I Te Cuidare tea I will protect and I will make you very happy. Trust my because my word is love, and whoever believes in my love 777 will be multiplied times 7 received love. No longer suffer more. Your life will change completely Ven Conmigo Te Llevare a site where you will be happy. Said Marcos Barreira along the way. I imagine that you have hunger. The girl said a lot do not have money to buy food. Says Marcos Barreira. No Te Preocupes will have the money just to live. Marcos and the girl stood before a building of Navia (Vigo) and you said Marcos Barreira climbs the lift reached the 3rd floor and said Marcos Barreira welcome to your new home do tea like? Said the girl if much. He says Marcos Barreira is everything I Tullo, you will receive a monthly pay Que Te supplies I each month. To pay for the light, water, contribution, ITV Floor. Money to buy your Comida.Cada month will receive 500 Euros to whims like a 3 Playestation’s Soni, Microsoft, Nintendo Wifit Nintendo and computer Xbox or whatever you want.