We must not forget also that the data on contentious issues has always been challenged. From the author do not wait for a definite or final answer. We need to understand the essence of factual material relating to this matter (the relevant indicators? how reliable are the data for the construction of such indicators? what conclusions we can arrive at the basis of available data and indicators about the causes and consequences? etc.), and demonstrate this in the essay. You can not rely on the work that the author did not read the essay itself. How to prepare and write an essay? The quality of any essay depends on three interrelated components, such as raw material to be used (read summaries of literature, lectures, and record the results of the discussions, their own views and experiences on this issue), the quality of processing of existing source material (his organization, argumentation and reasoning), the argument (how exactly does it relate to the essay raised problems.) The process of writing an essay can be divided into several stages: thinking – planning – writing – check – Edit. Planning – defining the purpose, main ideas, sources of information, deadlines and submission of work. The aim should be to determine the action.

Ideas, as well as goals, may be specific and general, more abstract. Thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions may be expressed in the form of analogies, associations, assumptions, arguments, views, arguments, arguments, etc. Analogies – Identification ideas and creating views that link the elements of values. Association – a reflection of the relationship of objects and phenomena of reality in the form of regular connection between neuro – psychic phenomena (in response to one or the other verbal stimulus to give "first came into my head" reaction). Assumptions – a statement not confirmed by any evidence. Considerations – formulation and proof of opinions.