Real Madrid won 4-1 at Malaga and is placed at the head of the Spanish League with 17 points, only one difference with respect to his nearest pursuer, Villarreal, who lost the opportunity to be placed on top after the 2-2 draw against Hercules. Malaga, which adds another home loss, earned his last victory at home on March 21 of last season against Villarreal. Real Madrid had some setbacks on its way during the previous season and finished second in the shade of the Barcelona champion. During the current season, the Madrid began erratically and became the center of criticism from the sports press. During the first five encounters, the Real Madrid had two draws 0-0 and only succeeded in adding six goals.

Jose Mourinho, trained of Real Madrid, was heavily criticized for his game strategy, which many catalogued it as overly defensive. Mourinho managed to succeed against the opinions of his detractors after the results of two recent games against Deportivo and the Malaga, in which his team added ten goals. Striker Cristiano Ronaldo has become the player responsible for carrying the weight of Real Madrid on their shoulders. In just two games, Ronaldo has collaborated with four annotations. The Portuguese has excelled to become key piece and top scorer of the team with six scores so far, which has managed them to perform in 110 minutes of play with an average of 0.86 goals per game. It should be noted that in the strategy game of Mourinho, Ronaldo has achieved an excellent combination with teammate Angel Di Maria.

These two players have been commissioned to create a powerful attack through the bands. Mourinho acknowledged that its team has grown, but he also admits that not all of the time they will achieve simple WINS, referring to the 6-1 against Deportivo. Mourinho admits that so far his team has not faced to a rival that is at the same level. For meringues the real litmus test will be the meeting before the Milan by the third day of the group stage of the Champions League of the UEFA. For Mourinho, not only importantly achieve a good result and continue that way. Importantly for the meringue coach is thinking and always working in the evolution of the computer, so that it stays at the same level. It should take into account the balance that occurs throughout the season will always be the determining factor in a team’s true performance. Maintain a solid, stable form that the pace of work is not lost is one of the most important points for Mourinho, why has indicated that it will keep you focused with the group that already has. Latest Real Madrid engagements include Ricardo Carvalho, Di Maria, Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira and Pedro Leon, who have earned their good work, the confidence of the coach. One of the novelties of Real Madrid is the return of Pedro Leon to the courts after losing two matches.