We stayed at the stage of raising the postings to the article directories, one of the crucial stages in the. Here are some tips to maximize the penetration of the same. Pay special attention to the "Resource Box", or biography of the author, the name varies by site. It is the only place where you can insert your link, because these sites usually do not allow you to insert links in the article body. Select your keyword phrase, and insert the link in it. Apple has many thoughts on the issue. Carefully consider your landing page, and decide if you choose to derive the potential traffic to the home, or another section of your site. Be clear, and take this brief section of his biography as a real call to action. Encourage potential reader want to know more about you, your site and the services it provides.

Write an "except" quality, not just copy and paste the first paragraph of your letter. The "excerpt" is a short summary that guides the reader to know what you find in the event of further reading. Note patience. In some directories might take 4 to 6 weeks publication or achieve. Frequently visit the control panel of your accounts, to ensure that none of his articles have problems or flaws that prevent its publication. Publishers of "flesh" is usually responsible to monitor the items that are uploaded to these directories, and if they find something that does not fit the rules of the site, they will know. Do not worry, usually is able to correct it. Consider this series of actions as a bet in the medium and long term. Dramatically contribute to its organic positioning, and give you a significant amount of incoming links from quality, while its name will begin to resonate in the circles where it matters most: their community.