They are radios that result of the integration multimedia in also new support, the only one that it allows the convergence of distinct ways as the television, the printed matter and the radio among others. The webrdios start to establish a new modality, placing the listeners/users as producing of the communication. Taking off left of the interatividade that the Internet offers, these are stimulated to produce and to emit its programs, transforming the traditional conception of the radio. The multimiditico model in the net the integration of practical precedents has been common in evolution of the medias. The radio was helped of the cinema and the press to compose a new communicative structure, in the same way that in a first phase, the Internet integrated the existing ways. The radio was installed in the net, drew its identity in sites in web and started to participate of the communication in ciberespao, contributing for the evolution of the Internet while half. Face to the convergence of the social medias in one only support, the radio can media represent one of the diverse canals of this new, that if still more evidences for the stimulaton to the participation of its users diminishing the idea of passivity of the hearing.

The multimiditico style appeals to the almost all the resources of the net, as the interatividade, the hiperligaes, sound and image, personalization and constant update, aspects not found in the traditional format of the radio. Amongst as many peculiar aspects of the Internet, if for Castells the globalization propitiated a society me nets these nets had changed the form of if making radio, in the Internet are possible to still find the canals, a different system of the radios. In a space (ciberespao) interlaced and not divided segmented, situated groups in canals of common interests. The new technologies and its social transformations in view of the advent of the Internet With the manifestation of new technologies of intelligence, as it affirms Pierre Lvi the proper society passes to be conceived in a different way.