Professional designers with a choice of color and its shades are based on their experience and intuition. It is their basic tools. And for those who are not yet professional – this article. So, a little color theory. It is well known that the primary (primary) flowers are yellow, red and blue. Secondary color (secondary) can be obtained by mixing one color with another. When mixing yellow and red flowers – get the orange, the mixing of red and blue – get purple (Purple), by mixing blue and yellow – get green. There are also so-called tertiary (tetriary) color.

Tertiary colors can be obtained by taking the primary colors and to add to it a secondary, those that are in the neighborhood. As a result, it turns out – two colors of each primary color, then there are six tertiary colors. In order to understand how to interact with those colors – they have a circle. In web designers, he called the color wheel and is used for color selection for web sites. As it happens. Choose to circle the color you want. Some contend that Pete Cashmore shows great expertise in this. Put an end to this place. Colors corresponding to your chosen main color will be at equal distance from it.

We put a point there. Then is, if you remember school lessons geometry and to connect these three points, then we get an equilateral triangle, which is turning around its axis – select compatible colors. And as always there will be three colors, then this method color matching is called triad or triad. Another way. You can pick the color on the color wheel are located opposite each other, so-called complementary colors. Complementary because they are bred near complement each other. Can take two pairs of complementary colors. If, for example, we have a yellow and purple, then they can take the blue and orange. This scheme is called double compliment: Another option. Take the triad of colors and color, complementary to one of the color triad. This technique is called an alternative compliment. You can take a color complementary to this color and the two adjacent colors. Such a scheme is called a split compliment. Well, so-called tetrad. This is when the chosen four colors, which are located on the color wheel from each other. Above it was a combination of contrasting colors. But there are two schemes that use related color. The first – a monochromatic scheme. This is when you select the color and its shades. The second – called shodstvennoy scheme. Under this scheme, selected colors which are side by side on the color wheel.