Then, for example, you have the one limitation of figurino you are very intense. You do not go to obtain to use the virtual scene with a novel, for example, because you have a gamma of possibilities there that she is very beyond what you obtain to control, understood? ‘ ‘ Ah! But ‘ is blue there; ‘ It wants to say, then, thus, very limitless things programs and are INTERRUPTION MADE FOR an EMPLOYEE Understood? then, thus, it is of limitless use is of well specific use. Telejornalismo, presentation of diverse programs, can be any type of program, but it is an limited thing. Of how much in how much vocs time they modify the virtual scene? Then, also it varies. For example, a scene that you functioning, type the Dynamic Reading, it is much time. Then the people are not bothered with that. Others, for what I spoke to you, to the times have some deficiencies and such, it bothers more and it is changed more quickly. Then people already made the TV Fame, for example, and she changed many times, she understood? He has the scene ‘ ‘ Ah! We go to change! ‘ ‘ , they had made the scene, not it functioned, they had changed, they made another one this is the difficulty, the virtual one is thus (laughs).

It understood? It is a time. Later ‘ ‘ Ah! It did not function, we go ‘ ‘ , exchange ‘ ‘ Ah! This was bacana, then we go to function! ‘ ‘. is for consultation of the opinion of the people pra to see if dumb or it is not? He is half that the management that defines It is the management! Basically it is the management. The supervision, the presidency ‘ ‘ Ah! Liking, I do not know what and such to you! ‘ ‘ E, to the times, also the proper importation of the staff who operates with scene, type, there, the TV director speaks: ‘ ‘ Ah! You not functioning! Why that I do not obtain the framing? I do not know what!