WINAICO presents information on the weak light behavior of PERC solar cells on the PV Taiwan – also: introduction of WINAICO EnergyStorage on the Asian market WINAICO, the subsidiary of Taiwan’s largest solar module manufacturer win win precision technology co., Ltd., is with a booth at this year’s PV Taiwan be represented. The fair takes place from 30 October to 1 November in Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center. After the successful launch in the European market, WINAICO now in Taiwan the storage system will be WINAICO EnergyStorage present. The heart of the WINAICO EnergyStorage energy store is a battery cell-based high-tech the Hummingbird Festival fabric cell technology. You are characterised in particular by its high energy density and high security.

Thanks to these unique cells and the innovative coordination of all installed components together a battery – overall efficiency could be achieved by up to 97%. It is finally possible to use solar energy even when the Sun isn’t shining straight. The solar market in the future without solar storage tank is to imagine for us and we are pleased that we now can offer a product so efficient. The system is very environmentally friendly, since neither hazardous nor toxic mixtures are used. Also, it can be recycled completely at the end of life”, so Davis Chen, Chairman & CEO of win win precision technology co., Ltd. Another highlight at the booth will be WINAICOs high-efficiency, monocrystalline module series with 290W PERC solar cells. PERC (passivated emitter and rear contacts) solar cells have quickly established itself as one of the most popular technologies in the field of solar cells. Together with the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, has win win precision technology found that PERC solar panels perform better in low-light conditions than traditional solar panels (with Al BSF solar cells).

Also, it was found that the performance of PERC modules under low-light conditions of the radiation angle of the Sun, as well as weather conditions is affected. For more information and details on this study can be obtained no. A0702 at WINAICO stand. The WINAICO team is looking forward to all visitors! WINAICO manufacturer and system supplier as 100% produces subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan and sells WINAICO world’s crystalline high-performance modules. In addition, WINAICO as a system House for photovoltaic delivers complete PV system packages. Customers of the company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners.