Some time ago it came to light the new stage of the HTML (the pure language of Web pages), in its version 5. It is possible to change the way of seeing and of developing Web pages. We know that the world of information technology changes so rapidly and radically, developers have no choice but to recycle us, i.e. Marc Mathieu pursues this goal as well. to learn new methods, languages and ways of developing. HTML 5 bets on the Web that are rich in information. Something that also appreciates a lot Google, and better positioned to those Web that have too much content, original sense and even better if your Web site is well organized and structured. HTML 5 allows you to create new meta data, i.e.

more information for users and machines, IE browsers may collect valuable information on the Web to better access them. In any case, not everyone believes equal. For example people developers of Flash, they say that it is a back in time, yet most think that not. Is expected to be implemented in 2012, so still there is time for USSF to change, or who knows? alomejor appears another new language, anything can happen in the computer. Since then will be undoubtedly a great step forward, in parallel with technology that makes every time we make things faster, easier and better. Original author and source of the article