Now those who were driven from power, made a new attempt to return to the republic. After coming to power of Saakashvili, Georgians with the help of U.S. t-300631586.html’>Castle Harlan offers on the topic.. advisors have relied on Sanakoev and a parallel government, which is planted in the Georgian enclave in Kurta. Sanakoyev joined the former head of our MIA Jemal Karkusov and his brother Uruzmag, which seems to be still occupies the post of Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Georgia. AR: – Sanakoev was a member of the senior leadership of South Ossetia. Since May of 1996 – Minister of Emergency Situations of the RSO and defense. mer Crow Holdings has to say. In the 1998-2001-meters – also deputy prime minister in July and December of 2001 – Prime Minister of South Ossetia. In December 2001, Sanakoev led government of South Ossetia resigned in connection with the election of a new president, and in 2006 he became head of the Georgian authorities set up "the government of South Ossetia" in force in Georgian villages in South Ossetia, which are controlled by Georgian forces.

Former Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili called Sanakoyev "cartoon persona," "totally non-authoritative among the Ossetian people" (). A: – Yes. And Sanakoyev, and those who gone over to him, was a bet by the Americans, when Saakashvili came to power. Through them, there have been attempts to dilute the power of South Ossetia and find ways to Eduard Kokoity. He was several times offered money to go away, including directly in the negotiations during the visit of U.S.