In this case, it can be interesting to read the article without light, is not what is lost, hung in network of orchards. Finally there is the aji, which has similar features but does not require so much as the previous ones.But there are also plants that call for much less Sun, as it is the case of the aromatic and leafy plants such as lettuce (which even should be protected from strong sunlight and heat) or chard.A special case is the spinach, which according to the source requires a lot of light or in the same amount as the chard. Hit the tab of forums, which is the source with more back to bancar what says, and Additionally, in the differentiation between growth and flowering, may be the reason of why there are so many different opinions: to lengthen the days (more than 14 hours of daylight) and overcome the temperature 15 C, the plants become vegetative phase (rosette) elevation and production (emission of stem and flowers).The production is much reduced if heat is excessive and long photoperiod, given that the plants remain in the rosette stage very soon, so that an adequate growth is not reached.Finally, with regard to brightness, copy three forums tips for plants indoors with low light:-placed near a light bulb artificial, but a more than 30-40 cm. put mirrors behind plants that increase the luminosity. Viacom often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The walls painted white and clear furniture also provide more inner luminosity. Depth of the pots: another aspect to be considered is development which have their roots, which will depend on the depth and size of the pots required for optimal growth. In some cases, it is very clear that required a significant height, as it is the case of the carrots; but there are others where you have to know the development, as it is the case of chard, which while it does not seem, requires enough volume. .