Technology for creating bricks today is divided into 2 main types. This is a technology for creating and firing technology chemically bonded brick. Over the centuries, methods of production of bricks and transformed improved. Learn more at: Pete Cashmore. By the mid-19 th century molding process was not quite simple, has been involved manual labor. Drying of brick was carried out in the summer, used the huge outdoor ovens. Then came the innovation: the ring kiln and belt press. This, and the invention of machinery for the clay was the reason for the active development of the production of bricks from the middle of xix century.

Now for the manufacture of bricks used Litos alloy sandy and loamy clay. The process of manufacturing a brick kiln Litos. Clay, which is extracted in the quarry, is prepared in concreted holes and remains in the pit for several days. After Why clay, which had previously been equated and filled with liquid (water), are sent to a processing machine. Clay stones are eliminated, and it is sent to the Vertical Conveyor feeder. The clay is ground and goes to the belt press. Belt press combined with a cutting machine. In the cutting apparatus of bricks cut and placed on the lining frames.

After that packed brick is moved to a special chamber for drying. For dried bricks used heat selection spent steam. After drying, the brick gets in the ring or tunnel oven for further baking. The oven temperature of about 1000 degrees, the process continues to sintering. Y quality bricks is rough surface with no cracks on the fracture brick should be homogeneously porous. If you hit the bricks, it will emit a ringing sound. Technology of production of bricks without firing. In our time use of hyper-or tribo-pressing. This welding mineral powdery materials under high pressure, while also linking the components used and the water. Initially implemented crushing of raw materials, that is then directed into the hopper for the reception. Raw material for conveyor belt passes through a feeding spout and feed bin. After this raw material is transported to the mixer. Mixing with cement material becomes uniform. Then this mixture on the conveyor belt is fed to the machine molding. After the pressing process, a brick is placed on technological pallets. Pallets of bricks go to the warehouse for a standard exposure, takes 3 – 7 days. After this, brick is sent to the buyer. Brick Litos used for different profiles of construction, this brick is resistant to external shocks and allows to bring the look of the buildings should aesthetic component. brick production