default '71 'to track drops fps, use the command: sl_showfps '1' default '0 'to track packet loss, etc. use the command: net_graph '3 'default '0' written by: Armageddon Team Terms and jargon in the game Counter-Strike ——————————————– ———————————— config – configuration file 'config.cfg' in your cstrike (or Personal configuration file with the extension of the player. cfg) servak server – a computer that creates a map and connect to it all Ping – the exchange rate (Delay) information to the server (the smaller the ping, the better the link) What does the ping? Answer: the passage of data from you to the server in milliseconds. Accordingly, it is smaller than – the faster you'll see the enemy. When ping above 200 ms (ie delayed reaction to 0,2 seconds), it is impossible to play. Console – the command line to call the game the tilde key '' Connect – connect to another computer lag, bug – a bad connection, bugs, glitches Timpley – a team game Bots – gamers waypoints (waypoint) – paths for bots. Ie if you do not have bots on any map, then you should download the waypoints for these bots (for this card) Easter Eggs – hidden places on the map, which can be seen in the mode of spectator (usually there who write this card made. These places are on many maps like de_aztec, de_dust2) Kontra, horse-Strike, cs, cs, KySy – the game Counter-Strike Counter, City swat – Counter-Terrorists Terror Bandits – Terrorists spawn, the base – a place where commands appear at the beginning of the game Bombpleys – a place where terrorists placed bombs Kemper – a player who sits on the ground with a gun and shoots run past opponents Father, Pope – a player who plays well Lamer, Lamo, lamobot – a player who plays the bad meat – a time when many players of different teams meet in one place (eg: 32 lamer (16 to 16) meet in the hallway de_dust) Forums – a player who is dishonest Players by Teamkills – the player who kills members of his team's vip – vip player on special maps Frendlifaer – an option the game when you can / can not kill members of his team Spectator – watching the game without participating in it (when a player is killed, he flies into the spectator) – move sideways kick – kill the player, by writing to the console commands kick (throw out a player from the server function is available to admins) Gravity – a command console, which changes the force of attraction of the earth (gravity) To throw – to give his weapons (thrown to the ground) Dropnut – throw / catch Rashit weapons – to attack! Headshots – shot in the head Phragmen – a player who was killed point for analog – Drain (narrow, long passages in the bottom of the card), Schacht – ventilation (narrow long passages in the upper part of the map) Halsey – Health (life) lol – I'm very funny gl – good luck gg – good game (usually said after a good game and it was after a good game, not after what seemed to you, good joke.