The same face of electronic music at the time, like Aphex Twin, Autechre and The Orb. In importance and influence on the minds of them can compete only, perhaps, the epic The Future Sound called Lifeforms. Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals (Elizabeth Fraser) of the Cocteau Twins, surrounded by infinite melancholy synth parties from time to time pop-up rhythms, electronic drones and bubbling, shifting piano accompaniment … sluggish and clumsy composition consisted of seven parts. Go to Peter Asaro for more information. The album, the same languid and sluggish, have entered only two, but it is not important, as important as cost FSOL experiments with psychedelic Pink Floyd, King Crimson and early minimalism of those who were more concerned not about the form and the content. Couple engineers, littered with samplers and computers, in fact, was the continuation of Debussy, Brian Eno with his “Music for Airports” and the Electronic, The KLF amorphous plates periods when tired of Bill Drummond People write hits. Ambient techno, based on how many experiments with the musical pieces of iron, the same amount and on experiments with a change of consciousness mixed in with the ideas of philosophers of hallucinogens became something of a panacea 90, and most importantly – an innovative and progressive (in a good sense of the word) music, unfortunately aware, that technological progress does not keep her. Harry and Brian was invited to co-operate modern classic Max Richter (Max Richter) and one of the world’s best guitarists Robert Fripp (Robert Fripp), and all were killed while on the subject that can not fully realize its grandiose ideas because of lack of available tools..