And here we necessarily enter in something so controversial, as life itself. In my opinion (would be superb to qualify as humble?), of makes me reluctant to communicate without ICT, also it shall with TICs. But the possibility, opens and I attribute to this idea that the ICT, give possibility to communicate through these tools, and they had not done so if there is none. Each can make additions to an imaginary list of features, not to mention benefits, ICTs, to the moment of conceiving this development, occurs to me to consign the facilitation and diversity. A few years ago recounted to a veteran journalist on the inside of my Argentina, some features of the Internet and the man told me. It’s like radio amateurs. And the sharp observer was right. There is a very clear evolutionary line from the telegraph to the Internet.

In the presence of the Telegraph, Julio Verne said: everything a man can imagine another may carry out, and it seems that San Isidoro de Sevilla, had said something similar in the middle ages. Although in this case no There was the Telegraph. From the telegraph to the Internet, we went through the telephone, cinema, broadcasting, television, fax, photocopier and especially the personal computer. And its variants or combinations. But there is something that the difference and increasingly, that is the ease of use of ICTs. And this is a deliberate effort to what has not been outside the logic of the market. The reasoning is simple: when more people can make use of telematics, most consumers of them there will be. Therefore, one of the variants of this facilitation, was the appreciation of the concept of self-teaching, now renamed as autoaprendizage. Of course, as always happens, annoying people, because they have lost the aura of mystery that supposed that few manage something as if they were initiated.