Some users make click in the banner before the end of the page load. Click Through Rate (CTR) – the percentage of users who see the banner and click it. Percentage of conversions-the percentage of people who visit your site and actually give you money. The larger the percentage, the better! Cookies – small files placed on a user’s computer. They are used for all sorts of reasons and by any type of sites. The banners used to make sure that the user has not seen the banner recently, which led to the advertiser’s site, and even ads have been seen recently. CPM cost per thousand – the amount that you pay for every thousand times a banner is displayed, is way usual pricing of banners.

Hits – the number of times that a server receives a request for a Web page or an image. It is not a good way of measuring the interest. A page can have a lot of images and get large amount of hits, even if it is only seen once. Often, people will say hits when they mean page views or impressions. Visits or page impressions to the page-number of times a Web page has been requested by the server. It is much more accurate than the Hits: each print is a visit of potential customers looking for a page on your site.

But a different client is not necessarily unique users – people who download a Web page, told by IP address. You want to bring a lot of users to your site so that you can create a broad base of clients. The same user can click on a banner a dozen times and this can cost you money without increasing your sales. Most reputable sites will check the IP address of the person who is clicking on a link and is counted only once in a 24 hour period.