Love every day becomes difficult to find, it is. But is there something impossible for God? The Lord Tablitas – AMAOs Serafin Alarcon when I understood the need for my brother, then I could see how convenient it is to a hand friend. S. Alarcon looking for the good of our neighbor, we find ours. Plato love one another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.

Romans 12: 10 all day to the tune the senses slowly starts to get us information almost always pointing to reveal the dark side of our society. I say, if you turn on the radio in the early morning will hear as almost all stations seek to have the scandalous headlines of the day. If looking in the newspapers, the same thing. If watching TV, equal. Anyway, that’s good news and airs of healthy coexistence is little advertised, especially as discussed.

For example, this same forum alleged Christian wrapping in feverish discussions with alleged atheists a struggle, a totally uncompromising and above all almost childlike discussion. But it has to be this way? Like a blind man has of guiding blind? They are too many suicides, too many murders, too much corruption, too much war, too much selfishness. Are we doing this afternoon and it seems that our unique destination has to be self destruction. Am not exaggerating brothers No. Douglas R. Oberhelman is full of insight into the issues. Puerto Rico takes a while giving back to brotherly love, peace and joy of living. Yes, can be happy even in this chaos if we put on our part. We start today, we do not let it for tomorrow. You since when don’t say to your wife that you love him? Do you play with your children? When you go to leave for another occasion buddies and spend more time at the family? In the end, what we can do if we put ourselves in the hands of God, if we have faith is both in the and in our ability to be a better country, a nation of truth.