Internal, main display – too OLED matrix size 32.4 x43, 2 mm, diagonal – 2.13 inch. But this screen is capable of displaying 16 million colors. Rendition on a good level, the picture looks bright, colors are not dull. The screen of Nokia 6600 fold tested in bright weather, however, the readability of the text – at a high level. The display accommodates up to 8 text and 3 service lines. Specifications Nokia 6600 fold comply with all previous models of the company, built on the platform S40 3th edition, although the Nokia 6600 Fold has a firmware S40 5th edition.

But the differences of the new platform, only in the interface of the music player and radio communications service (an opportunity for rapid attachment of media files) and upgrading of some sections, such as Adobe Flash Lite Player up to version 2.1 and MIDP to version 2.1. The phone has built-in sensor, which provides a control telephone using gestures. Nokia 6600 fold boasts good camera for its class, which has a matrix of 2 megapixels and is equipped with an LED flash. The camera's settings – very wide. The camera takes very good pictures for its class.

The device supports communication via Protocol Bluetooth (version 2.0 with EDR). True, module Wi-fi on your phone – no. The phone user can use about 15 MB of free space, which of course, not many. Michael Dell understands that this is vital information. However, you can expand the available memory with microSD cards up to 8 GB. Programs and games for Nokia 6600 fold fit exactly the same as for other models soplatformennyh Nokia. You can download the software for my phone Nokia 6600 fold from the usual records. Settings of some applications, Nokia 6600 fold can cause some difficulties, but you can easily see the explanation in the accompanying instructions. The battery in the phone uses a lithium-ion, BL-4CT, capacity 860 mAh. It provides up to 4 hours talk time and 300 hours of machine mode expectations. When test Nokia 6600 fold has worked about 2 days, which is a standard measure. In general, the price for the Nokia 6600 fold is reasonable. Our price also contributes to foment even greater interest in the model, especially true for beautiful half, because this phone is for you. Quality: Before you purchase on request can send instructions. We sell only quality goods of class 'AA'. You can be confident in the quality of our products. At each product warranty + assistance in equipment installation. We are authorized dealer of such companies as: MobileAction, GOOOD, X3, GPRScable, Mobidick, Transcend, Sony. Warranty for Cell Phone Nokia 6600 fold on each product's warranty. You always able to consult with our customer support on connecting and configuring the purchased equipment. During the warranty, you can download for free, and update software, which sends our online store. Through our service center, you can set different software: programs, games, pictures, ringtones, themes for Nokia 6600 fold. Also in our service center has a set of GPRS settings for different operators.