With one slide displayed the group was questioning if the reply she would be correct, therefore in this complex and mutant world, the old ones questions require new answers, this to know if two more two are the four, very interesting reply. This activity took the quarrel of as to evaluate the pupil in mathematics, therefore the learning easiness is subjective, and needs to be respected, to consider the previous knowledge of the educandos, to use strategies to arrive at the result through the logical reasoning, to justify the answers, to contextualizar for the reality of the educandos. The complexity of the study of graphs requires reading and interpretation, therefore a graph analysis involves varies questions, elements, as largenesses and measures, double, ratio and table. As quarrel the Formadoras had asked for so that the educators made the activity to read and to interpret, to analyze the sector graph, what it is different of the pizza graph. Before this, some questionings and presentations for the group had been elaborated who favored the continuity of the day.

Then we had the mstica, that until the present moment all ressignificou formation, therefore was very significant boundary line and when permear the integration of the activities of the man of the field, involved in to this fishes it process, the hunting, roa, the cattle tender, the culture and the social organization that perpetrating mobilizes to occur. Emps the wheel of I dialogue with Molica professor, who was very happy in its performance, therefore municiou its lecture expressivamente, all with a theoretical basement, favoring for a bigger attention of the participants, thus contributes with the briefing of the process of the production system, where everything started with the green revolution and today the necessity to assure the alimentary sovereignty and the quality of life, being in harmony with the nature through the agroecologia. Already the Ramon, with its communication did not have the same happiness, therefore its lecture was only photos and its verbalizao did not have theoretical bedding, only stories of visited properties that are alternating its practical agriculturists.