Once you decide to build your life and live it together with your spouse. Your friends want you to In order to entertain and have fun with them. You should never attempt to drive a wedge between your friends, and should never allow your friends to come between you and your spouse. Sensing your new friends as partners in the game, you emphasize fun and entertaining swing. General rules and etiquette rule number 1 swing.

'No' means 'no'. If you can not respect the wishes of others, or can not express own desire, then the swing is not for you. 'No' – it's not an insult. 'No', can be caused by mood, rules, or it may mean that the other person (couple) are not ready. 'No', can also mean 'No, thanks, but I'm not interested in (a)'. Say 'no' – the prerogative of each swingers. It may or may not be directed personally at you.

All of us – adults, so keep that in mind. Conversation Not all meetings lead straight to bed. Most people prefer the first few know each other better. Remember, attraction is not only a physical nature. Do not forget to communicate with both partners. Do not be overly obsessed with a partner of the opposite sex. If one partner does not feels comfortable in your society, you are unlikely to go to their homes. Communication Learn to communicate openly. Do not be afraid to express what you expect and what to fear from the other pairs.