One of them had a special presence, showing a semblance of authority over the other two. His decision reflected proud face, but cold and harsh, especially for the band he wore in his left eye. Third was paralyzed for a moment, recalling the screaming that disrupted before the battle. Amat Al-eyed! The most hated and feared by Rome was facing him responsible for all this tragedy, for all their pains and sufferings. It is Hannibal. Third had understood that the wars against the Carthaginians were at a turning point, no longer satisfied as a dispute over control of the Mediterranean, but a fight to the death. The war would not cease until a party was annihilated.

Hannibal knows this, and this hostility has led to the very end, almost by itself to lead an army of barbarians and mercenaries. It is for this reason that Hannibal must die. As the will of the gods, Legion is a spear throwing (pila) on the ground near him, between his position and the target. Now the young Roman understood everything. His spontaneous enlistment, being ignored by the Numidian horsemen after he was shot down, wake up alive after a slaughter and escape to executives. Fate had placed him in this situation. I have to save Rome and continue the legacy of my ancestors. His mind began to stir, thinking the same battle and thousands of deaths just made sense to reach this point, with an unbeatable Hannibal gadgets of war. Third delirious.