We want everything to be practical and fast. If we can dispense with the greetings we do. We talked the least and most things we take for granted. We abhor the ceremonies. And always prefer to go straight to the objective unadorned are looking for. Another major simplification in the statements.

Most of the Old Spanish words are not used anymore, let me exaggerate a bit. And the dictionaries have become museums of the lexicon. It is another consequence become more practical. To simplify, shorten, eliminate ceremonies and formalities useless, be practical, save time and effort, go straight, these are the watchwords. And by the way, is something very modern. The complication with such paraphernalia would be a thing of the past, perhaps the Middle Ages.

“But we have something really new and modern? Our culture is really evolving? Well, I’m not sure. The practical man that I am aware is not modern. It could be our ideal and that he himself loathed any complication at the time of doing things. The practical man who is aware primitive man. So little is modern, who lived before history began. That is the risk that we will come back elementary and primitive. Because that is the end of the road when it severs the sophistication of our actions. In this way a normal person gets to become coarse and scanty. And the distinction loses all that good taste can give. It is good to avoid the excesses of formalism and be practical. But the real man can not be so practical that despise manners. Son they do precisely what civilized, superior. The human being is by definition a creature of little practical lives of rituals. It tends to complicate even the most basic act nourished with ceremonies. An abbreviated example of thousands: for prehistoric man to man would be problematic to invite to dinner today. Instead of taking raw food with their hands and put in their mouths is compounded by useless ceremonies. First cooking requires a certain call is very specific recipe. Then wait some hours and sit at an object called a table. And as if that were not enough, the food must be served on other objects called dishes. Ending in order to take food with some special tools for just for that purpose. We are complicated by definition, we need it. So try to be practical but with a limit. Not annihilate you spiritually. It preserves the spiritual wealth that only the things they are useless. Other Recommended Reading:.