Telecommuting or remote work, is defined as the use of media technology such as internet, broadband and wireless to develop own and/or inherent efforts the job without the presence of Physics of the worker. It is a tool essential for companies as it reduces costs in facilities, payment of public, transportation service and is proven the benefits that produces manage through teleworking in companies, workers, professionals, independent and enterprising; In addition to its benefits for society and the economy. Then develop a series of tips to optimally manage a plan through telework in your company: 1. involve all parties (synergy) in the planning process to improve the acceptance of the teletrabajo.2. Delivery to teleworkers the tools they need to have an environment of complete work and conectado.3. It uses a broadband secure to minimize access costs and reduce the complejidades.4.Automatically updates computers of teleworkers, so you keep secure to by connecting to your computer network.5 Make sure that the voice and data applications are protected (encrypted) and that the system is not vulnerable.6. It provides place and services for teleworkers who visit the Office to communicate and receive your calls from the escritorio.7. Participants can share applications Web and video conferencing to be connected from any lugar.8.

Users with integrated presence can communicate instantly with colleagues knowing if they are available, absent and if they prefer to be contacted by voice or texto.9. Manages and oversees the implementation of telework as a project to ensure that all the pieces fit, minimizing distractions and loss of trabajo.10. Use telework solutions for other employees who occasionally need to work from a remote location.11 Develop clear objectives and medibles.12. It uses own people on the implementation team that provide general support and guidance on information internal non-formal of the empresa.13. He trains in teleworking and the use of new technologies applied to work, people going to work and those who are going to telesupervisar14. It ensures that the possibilities of development for teleworkers follow the same procedures and indications as those applied for other workers.