In order to solve them, it ended up developing a specific solution with the aid of partner. To date of today, this one partner has perfected the solution it commercializes and it to prices of gangue in comparison with the market. Nevertheless, the territorial South, that finishes encountering with an identical problem, it does not know the referred one to partner. In fact, it does not even know that in its company there is expert personnel in implanting the solution that needs. Effect is silo taken to the end that is more frequent than it seems.

A corporative Intranet would allow each territorial one to remain directly in contact with the other, without happening through the inscrutable hierarchic labyrinths. Besides facilitating one more a more horizontal structure and to allow that the professionals are in contact with the enemy among them, the corporative social networks offer analogous advantages to those of the Facebook or the Twitter, from the identification of profiles to the commentaries and blogs. We imagine, therefore, a series of scenes possible to solve the previous conflict through an Intranet or corporative social network: – The Intranet could have a section of Best Practices or cases of successes that emphasizes practices like the one of its territorial North. This one would obtain the recognition that deserves while the other zones are abreast of technology that they have to its reach. – The profiles could allow the fast identification of professionals who have worked in similar projects. – The repositorios of shared information would contain folders with documentation type Solution for X case classified by products or projects. – Wiki Could exist internal or a digital platform of brainstorming. Even, the creation of an equipment of management of the internal knowledge would be possible to transfer the ideas arisen in the platform wiki.