Having goals and objectives is the first step for improvements in every part of your life. Feel you with a good cup of coffee, a white sheet of paper and write down for each component of your life where you want to go. Formula of the way more concrete as possible. For example: I want to have success on the job is very general. It would be better to wish to have mounted my web store until the end of the year. The second example describes a goal specific and defines a period of time. 2 Get a schedule for each goal that are the steps you will take to your goal? To stay with the example of the web page, the steps could be: find the best hosting company, decidete by a web editor, write the content, assemble the page, publish it and plan an advertising campaign. With the identified steps is much more easy to make a particular planning.

Ideal is a weekly planning: If takes one or two small steps every day (such as write a paragraph, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of two hosting companies), at the end of the week I really surprising and at the end of the month results still more. 3 Get similar things in flipping instead of answering an email, then make a call and then continue with the mail is much more effective if you make similar tasks in a flip. Make a list in the morning with the things you have to do and then decide when you do. For example, in the early hours, when still These rested and fresh one hour you work on a project that requires all your concentration. Then you dedicate yourself to your email address. Attempts to finish with this task as most fast possible.

So you avoid all these so interesting links 4. Prepares a weekly meal plan looks like a banal and tiring thing, but can save you a lot of time. Imagine you that by the morning won’t think there is, and that prepare today, nothing’s run to the Super to last time (because you have done the purchase for the entire week on Monday). You can even consider making two or three servings of some dishes as corium or macaroni au gratin and stewed sauce and freeze it leftover. In this way you will have days that you just have work with food. It is not only that you don’t have to Cook, you also ensuciaras the kitchen. That wonderful, no? 5. Concentrate on one thing a few years it was thought that especially women would have the ability to do several things at once. And although it is true that in some situations this skill is essential (can not that) monitor children while they prepared the meal), you get better results by focusing on a single task. All of these techniques can be non-revolucionarias, however you can change your life! Original author and source of the article