Herd of 120 head under the hood brought up in conjunction with bmw sensitive to the gas and immediately picks up the car. But the box does not save podkachala even the name "Tiptronic System Porsche". Kikdaun not hire, or rather a sharp acceleration did not give. Even with recessed to stop sneaker for 5-7 seconds. Somewhere on the 9 th second noticeable effect on typing speed.

Including manual control (Tiptronic), already better. More interesting than when the sport-mode automatic. Tupovatost present but not more than a second. Overtake on this box is better transition to manual mode and lowers the sticking. Kikdaun simply no. It was sticking down-and I went around rare cars. It is quite easy and fun.

A car is generally very worthy. Dynamics of brilliance. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Nicolas Keller. Suspension – perfected. Steering wheel tight and informative. Banks are minimal. And the sound of the engine To summarize: test – drive peugeot 308 showed that this unit has one car for the egoist. For everyday enjoyment dynamics engine sound, handling. Rear seats explicitly only for children. For example, I go there for a long time I can not. How will the machine on the track in speed mode 110-140's hard to say, I'm afraid that only one pedal to work when overtaking will not work. Down-hand will be more effective. But now imagine that it will be a monster on the mechanics of hard for me. Drive certainly exciting. After all, if we exclude the automatic brake you can feel the power and dynamics strangled not entirely successful transmission. While all this is of course too much. In fact, this machine will give pleasure in any way. In addition to auto for 615000r 120 and a strong unit and machine will be a lot of interesting, including a panoramic roof. For fans of more hard drive, there are 150 and strong turbocharged engine. Skin for a surcharge of about 40000r, several colors. A set of special stages is wide. Machine can be an ideal pick for a loved one. Turn on the complete set of the above have until July. I'm afraid that by the summer it will extend for six months. Machine showy and not afraid of the word drayverskie. A good combination, good price. The lions are beginning to roll out on the road, nobly and beautifully taken care of traffic lights.