Thus, the time structure of the material and size change. The tree starts to deform. Window, or stop tightly closed or open with difficulty, or both, and another occurs at the same time. Nothing lasts forever, as they say. 3. Thermal insulation Wooden windows save heat better than plastic.

It's true. At Robert Bakish you will find additional information. But is this more noticeable? Is it possible to 'naked eye' feel it? Of course not. For even more opinions, read materials from Samsung. It's more publicity stunt than a serious argument advantages. A whether the disadvantages of wooden windows? 1. The high cost of manufacturing cost of modern wooden windows are significantly higher than plastic. Price may vary fold.

Both twice and three (here is to clarify that is a big difference in price can be made if we are talking about poor quality and not expensive plastic). But high-quality plastic windows are still much cheaper than wooden ones. For example, the cost of two-leaf wooden windows (size 1400h1500 one door closed, another swing-folding) of pine above the cost of a similar plastic windows from high-profile Thyssen-Favorit in half. Provided high quality processing products (high quality paint, accessories) 2. Manufacturing period Term of modern wooden windows is much larger than PVC windows. This is due to manufacturing techniques of wooden windows, in particular, drying. Drying – this is a very important process. If they are ignored (save for the lower producer prices), the wooden window you will serve no more than two years. Or even less:) And then if you decide to install yourself wooden box of high quality – do not you wait a while? 🙂 3. The instability of the fire Yes, of course, wooden windows are lit very well. But man is it puts the window in order to burn them? Or, in the hope that is the fire? No course. Something happened few minuses. Still doubtful:) It seems like, except for a higher price and no defects.