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New Wave Street

For: Bruno Medeiros Race of street is a modality of the atletismo, that comes gaining each time more space for being ' ' practical its prtica' ' , mainly for amateur athletes who have as objective main health and quality of life. It has diverse modalities of race of street in the world, being that in Brazil, the two main ones are Silvestre, carried through test in So Paulo and.. Read More

Notebook Ideas

At a first moment, this visibility if translated or adjetivao of the word alfabetizao? functional alfabetizao became if expression sufficiently spread out? or in attempts of magnifying of the meaning dealfabetizao, to alfabetizar, by means of affirmations as ' ' alfabetizao is not only to learn to read and escrever' ' , ' ' to alfabetizar is that only not to teach to codify and decodificar' ' , and other.. Read More