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Technological Acquisition

We earn with the technological acquisition that in very facilitated our daily activities, we lose in quality of life. The medicine evolved, but, the illnesses also; we have the comfort of the car and the upheaval of the transit; we possess tarred streets and constant overflows; the amount and variety of foods in the supermarket had increased and the quality fell; we usufruct of the refrigerator, microwaves, machine to wash,.. Read More

Rio De Janeiro

Amongst these groups the following ones are distinguished: the Caiaras, communities formed by the mixture of the aboriginal culture with the Portuguese colonizadores. This culture is developed mainly in the coastal areas of the states of Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo, Paran and north of Santa Catarina. They present a form of life based on itinerante agriculture, of the small one fish, the vegetal extrativismo and the artesanato. Although the.. Read More