We earn with the technological acquisition that in very facilitated our daily activities, we lose in quality of life. The medicine evolved, but, the illnesses also; we have the comfort of the car and the upheaval of the transit; we possess tarred streets and constant overflows; the amount and variety of foods in the supermarket had increased and the quality fell; we usufruct of the refrigerator, microwaves, machine to wash, DVD, TV and as much other domestic utensils, but, we pay expensive for the account of water and energy; we acquire the fixed telephone and later the cellular one, we are without calmness, therefore we are found at any time and in any place; we talk for email, MSN, with virtual image, lose the physical contact and aconchego of one I hug; the companies had earned in the productivity and the worker lost its job. Barcellos (2008) says that: The EA as one reverse of the verse ingenuous ecologismo – the media wisely manipulates in inviting to take care of of the garbage ours of each day the defense of animals and plants that to the problems of the species human being. They had helped to associate ecology to the natural environment, where the plants and the animals live, leaving of it are agricultural the urban environment/, where the human beings live. Bern still says that current relation of our species with the nature sufficiently reflects the current period of training of development of the relations human beings between proper us. Read additional details here: Mikkel Svane. We live being explored, we learn to explore. During much time, we learn that nature was the green and that we needed to defend the fauna and the flora. Quickly, this speech moved, sleeps attending the ambient destruction as expectadores and wakes up being part of the environment. However exists in the current speech of completely paradoxical globalization one as much in ambient questions as in last the 30 years and never the destruction of the nature was so devastadora.