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Honda Civic

Honda cars are famous for 'hot' character, good quality and reliability. A company's most popular model – Civic – yet different and affordable price. The seventh generation Honda Civic was first released in the fall of 2000. At the initial stage started selling sedans and two-door coupe in America, and after going on the European premiere of a sedan. A few months later went on sale five-door hatchback. Buyers in.. Read More

Ukrainian Dealers

Probably many people there is a legitimate question, where so many foreign cars on Ukrainian roads. It would seem that the answer to this question is very simple, fetches them from abroad. But not everyone can be the same owner, For example, Mercedes or BMW, go to Europe to buy a car. Specifically what each person could buy just such a car as he wants and can afford, and have.. Read More

Established Headunits

Established head units use, installation, choose With no head unit's hard to imagine a modern car. Since a lot of head units provide the necessary facilities for the motorist. It should be vydedeit several key features head units. Receiving sigranala. Ideal radio reception allows the use of GPS-navigation, which is very convenient. Because with GPS receivers you can consent to paint a new path in the terrain. Using the head.. Read More