Established head units use, installation, choose With no head unit's hard to imagine a modern car. Since a lot of head units provide the necessary facilities for the motorist. It should be vydedeit several key features head units. Receiving sigranala. Ideal radio reception allows the use of GPS-navigation, which is very convenient. Because with GPS receivers you can consent to paint a new path in the terrain. Using the head unit with GPS, you can easily escape from a boring sitting in traffic jams. GPS will tell you the shortest path.

The flexibility of driving. If you have a machine installed parking radar, then using the regular head unit to manage garazdo easier. On-board computer. About this unit is full-time chats to talk a little bit more. On-board computer determines the capacity remaining in the tank of gasoline with up to 100 grams and a length which can be reached with the remaining amount of fuel. During movement through the onboard computer you can watch the temperature of the motor, the voltage on-board network, etc. In addition, some models of regular head units can be installed speed.

Multimedia systems. Sound during audio and video quality is also of great importance to motorists. Using the head unit, you have the ability to listen and watch different data types. Head units are manufactured in a car with screens of different sizes, and the monitors show a clear and "juicy" image. If your head unit has a nominal tv tuner with multiple inputs, then there is not one vozmozhnostprisoedenit antenna – which will improve the quality of signal reception. Established head units significantly simplify your life and movement in the car will be much more comfortable and safer! A safety first!