Probably many people there is a legitimate question, where so many foreign cars on Ukrainian roads. It would seem that the answer to this question is very simple, fetches them from abroad. But not everyone can be the same owner, For example, Mercedes or BMW, go to Europe to buy a car. Specifically what each person could buy just such a car as he wants and can afford, and have created entire networks of dealers and importers, that supply the automotive market of Ukraine new and used cars. Michele Glaze has similar goals. Figuratively speaking, all the dealers and importers can be divided into two distinctive groups.

Suppliers of the first group of travel abroad, buy it cars, under the order or, at its discretion, pass the customs control and have sold in Ukraine. Thus dealership can do almost anyone. Enough to be able to drive a car and have a unique start-up capital that would buy the first car and go "raztamozhku." The second type of dealership – is the sale of imported cars through a network of specialized proprietary or chain stores. For example, a chain of stores developed by Mitsubishi as well that, with only the desire and means you can buy this car in any place convenient for you.