Think of the principle of the SWOT. Identify potential problems, show weak points and open questions. Give an objective assessment of the risks. Will it go well? No, it will not be (remember in the 50-50-90 rule: “Anytime you have a 50 – 50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong”). Organizational have your presentation as PPT, PDF or Word document ready, any tables in Excel format. Your clients want to can work without having to install the software XY. And your clients want all documents directly from you, and you will need to download somewhere. Keep less than 10 megabytes your document so that it can easily be sent by E-Mail.

If necessary, divide it in digestible’ pieces, and name them clearly and meaningfully. Your clients not to want to have to do also this work. If you want to insert a video presentation: send this as a DVD, and refer not to download or live stream links. Send any files in packaged formats (ZIP, etc.). Send a presentation, the content you and your staff do not fully understand.

Sending no numbers and calculations, you not as a final check, and as waterproof”have verified. Do not save on the translation, if this is required. Ms. Meier in accounting can Spanish quite well, can they do? No, she can’t. Keep a few copies of your presentation in the form of printed and bound. Sometimes a piece of paper in the hand is worth more than a file on the server (be it, because the technique is not playing, or simply because one of your clients giving preference to the paper). Summa Summarum, save”not on the presentation. Sensible projects deserve a reasonable presentation for your client, or your company’s management wants to concentrate on the essentials. In this sense: Good luck! Martin Haack VARICON Business and management consultancy Stuttgart / Munich contact via XING