Cologne Institute offers new social media marketing seminar at Cologne, 01.07.2010: the German Institute for marketing offers one-day seminars on social media marketing from August. Participants will receive strategic marketing to take advantage of a guide to tools like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The first seminar held on August 19, 2010 in Cologne. Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the big trends of the year 2010. 60% of the 100 largest German brands already actively use tools such as blogs, social networks and content sharing platforms. Numerous smaller companies are planning an entry into the Web 2.0 “the participants of our online marketing seminars increasingly show the desire to own social media seminar. Therefore we offer one-day intensive seminars on this topic from August”so the seminar leader Felix Beilharz. Especially for smaller and medium-sized companies shows again and again that the foray into social media without a strategic approach and a clear social media plan is little promising.

Various Instruments address different target groups, require a different approach and have different opportunities and risks. Successful companies in the Web 2.0 have not only a profound knowledge of the individual instruments, but also a unique strategy to integrate the measures. The participants of the new social media seminar of the German Institute for both marketing. In addition to targeted expertise to all relevant instruments of the Web 2.0, the participants develop a specific course of action to successfully use the tools. Because the measures require a control, the seminar concludes with tools and tips for social media monitoring. After the seminar, the participants have a concrete action plan for entry into the social Web, can assess the various instruments and create an individual strategy.

So social media is in the long term to a supportive and sustainable marketing channel. Further information on the content, as well as an application facility located on seminars… . DIM: The German Institute of marketing is a specialized marketing consulting and Research Institute. It offers its customers professional competence in the areas of business training, market research and marketing consulting. Currently the DIM was awarded 2009 the German training award in silver and the premium standard of the ITCR. For more information, please contact following contact: DIM Deutsches Institut fur Marketing GmbH Mr. Felix Beilharz Hohenstaufenring 43-45 D-50674 Cologne Tel. + 49 (0) 221 99 555 10-0 fax. + 49 (0) 221 99 555 10-77