Often, choosing a new device for communication, we with the question: what is preferred, smartphone or pda What is common between these devices and how do they differ? Let's try to find answers. Smartphone its functionality – it is a phone with added option on your computer. Externally, the smartphone is also very similar to the phone. Typically, smart phones are not equipped with touch screens, and a standard telephone keypad. The smartphone is very convenient to use as a standard mobile phone, but phone keypad ill-suited for typing, and the small screen for viewing spreadsheets and e-book reader.

For those who plan use the telephone as an alternative to pda smartphone is not the most expedient option. Smartphone rather be compared with the "advanced" phones with advanced features. Smartphones works with specially designed for them, operating systems and adapt the software – Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone and Symbian. Communicator – a pda with an integrated gsm / gprs module. Communicator gives its owner the opportunity not only make phone calls, but also go on the Internet. Usually, the Communicator is equipped with large-sized touch screen, and management, and text entry and other symbols by a stylus. Device suitable for the same operating systems as for PDAs and software to work with the phone module.

You can use the communicator as a regular phone, but for convenience, use the headset handsfree (free hands "). You can also divide responsibilities between devices leaving communicator option of accessing the Internet and PDAs, but for phone calls. So what do you choose? If you are willing to accept minor inconveniences arising from the using the device as a phone, and you anywhere, you must have easy access to the Internet, it is certainly the communicator will be the best choice for you. If the functional pda is not fundamental, we can restrict smartphone. However, the most successful version is available and the smartphone and communicator.