Automation of the companies with the help of 8.0 has a pretty significant advantages that make especially 1C 8.1 most attractive to many entrepreneurs, small, medium and even large enterprises. Can even indicate that at the very beginning of its popularity was approved on its merits and the quality of bookkeeping for you to become an industrial standard in dealing with the accounting records of problems. What talk about. 1C Accounting Enterprise 8 in many respects came forward with its predecessor. 1C Accounting Enterprise 8 accumulated the best of what was and removed some of the shortcomings in flexibility of application, that were in previous versions of 1C. In addition, it should be noted the remarkable quality of the technological platform for new generation, which is based. 1C Accounting 8.1 improved inherent in even the seventh version of the remarkable properties of a fairly high degree of flexibility and customization for the wonderful nuances of a particular accounting in particular. Many users and even competitors say its scalability in solving practical problems and excellent performance.

The range of programs and 1C Enterprise 8.1 is sustained in the general methodological orientation that allows and continue to be the most convenient in work of the Russian automation system organizations. Is an advantage and that setting 1c 7.7, and all software products of 1C have constant information and methodological support, to respond to all additions current legislation of the country. This was the case and the previous version, and the seventh refers to the same extent to the program 1C 8.1.