Trims simply snapped together by a special cutting tongue and groove. To one of the advantages "Lock" the laminate may include the possibility of its use immediately after installation. Then, as is the case with conventional laminate must wait until the glue dries. Glueless floor can be easily disassembled, moved and put in another room, but be aware that this is only possible to do if he does not lay more than 3 months and in dry conditions. Other things to remember – especially low humidity sex. The adhesive version of the assembly of several prevents the penetration of moisture into the joints. Glueless laminate reasonably lay only in dry areas (in suburban areas – only where the year is kept constant at room temperature). There are 2 types of latches – the so-called "on quilting" – in this version of lock should be a little tamp special tools to avoid damage to the latch, and patented latch (used in glueless laminate systems produced in Belgium and Sweden).

The last lock is fundamentally different in form and clicks the way it is designed for multiple latch and usually has a water-resistant impregnation. In order to avoid moisture penetration into the joints, a special sealant to be applied, which does not stick surface, but prevents the ingress of moisture. The volume of demand forecast demand for laminate to 2010, fueled by a novelty product, and construction of retail, office and residential space, will grow by an average of 17% per year. The volume of the market will grow by almost 90% – from 43 million m in 2006 to 80 million m in 2010. Market growth of laminate flooring will be called tendency to replace a laminate, first of all, PVC flooring (linoleum). In this case, the trend of the market development of laminate flooring will be the replacement of imported Russian laminate products. By 2012, consumption growth will slow down the laminate flooring up to 10% per annum and by 2015 – up to 6-7% per annum, which is due to the approach to market saturation stage and the beginning of changes in consumer preferences. The level of consumption of laminate flooring in the Russian market in 2015 close to the critical value of 0.9 sq.m.

/ person. After 2015, growth in consumption of laminate on the Russian market will stabilize at level of 3-5% per annum. Reduction in consumption growth in the first place the laminate will shift preferences of the population to more high-quality and environmentally friendly products (including wooden flooring, carpet coatings), which will limit the growth of consumption of laminate on the Russian market for housing. In addition, increasing the share of the construction of offices, shops, hotels and restaurants of high places, where determinants of the choice of floor coverings are primarily characteristics of the flooring materials will also be a constraint to further development of the market laminate flooring. With regard to the species in demand for laminated Floors should be noted that increased consumer demands for quality characteristics of laminate flooring will increase the demand for laminate 32 and 33 class load share which in aggregate consumption will increase. The most popular laminate will be 32 classes, defined as areas of their possible use (residential, as well as retail and office with little traffic), and lower cost compared to laminate 33 classes. C the current situation and outlook for the Russian market of laminates can be found in the report of the Academy of Conjuncture Industrial markets "laminate flooring market in Russia."