Ammonites are known to us as creatures became extinct millions of years ago, around the time of the dinosaurs. All that we know today about ammonites, mainly assumptions and guesses of scientists who study their history. But the bottom line and true stories of ammonites are for us still a mystery. Stories and assumptions about the ammonites, as well as legends about them are now a great many, each nation has its own characteristics and specific assumptions about ammonites. The peoples of different nationalities living in different parts of the world have their own legends and beliefs, and their interpretation. The magnificent fossils fvvjybn scattered throughout the world today, and of course in different parts of the world they have different legends.

Throughout the world, for a long time ammonite fossils pushed the waters of the rivers on the coast, and then were found by various scientists and geologists, and subjected to investigation. Fossils of ammonites just fascinated scientists their incredibly beautiful appearance and a very advanced age. About the history of ammonites, there are various stories that have survived to our days as well, as are the ammonites. These creatures called ammonites in honor of the Egyptian god Amun, as their spiral shape is very reminiscent of his horn. The Romans and Egyptians prized in ancient times, ammonites, and believed in their magical properties. The Indians ammonite and a symbol of health and prosperity of the tribe. And some old people put fossilized ammonite under your pillow, thinking that they chased insomnia, and attract a sweet dream.

Many people today still continue to believe in the positive energy of the ammonites, that this stone promotes human health, stability and prosperity attracted to human life, but also repels depression, and all negative energy at home translates into a positive. There is another interesting English legend, that the ammonite – a damned snake some witch Hilda, who once left a curse on the serpent, they petrified and turned into spiral. Worldwide ammonite is favorable for home interior stone. In addition, the ammonite is really very beautiful and will look spectacular in any interior and become a real family mascot.