Shame: that’s the word that older adults are not encouraged to appoint when someone asks them the explanation of why they don’t want to move closer to new technologies. After that (the Unnamable) followed by others, forming a list endless limitations, excuses to not assume that it is necessary to move closer to the computer, lose the fear, and find out that it is necessary to use it to be part of this was and communicate like the rest of the world. It is sometimes difficult to understand what Internet, how a computer works or what is a social network. Especially just to understand the functioning of a screen and believes it is necessary to write (speaking in a technological end of his era) typewriter. The solution is first to accept the need to learn and be prepared to spend time incorporating this new knowledge. Secondly it is necessary to find a teacher, with goodwill, that explain step by step the use of a computer, but that you have patience and understand that certain things to It is obvious that almost born knowing them for you can represent a major challenge to overcome. What else is necessary? A computer, of course, and a realistic workplan that includes their interests and needs as a student.

What could it use the PC? To search for information, read news, send emails, download images from your digital camera, listen to music and even if he dares, use any social network, always and when you understand and understand the concept of it and realize that there are certain intimate data which is not good spread in these areas. If after reading this he decided to, once and for all, put a throw with the technology, make sure find a good teacher and whether they are useful one or good companions. While there are people who need the full attention of teachers, there are others that work and learn best in group sessions. But above all things removed the fear! And open up to the world.