In reality, computers, and in particular the laptop are increasingly complex. Simply remove the lid from a desktop computer to become aware of the complexity of the architecture of this type of equipment. Fortunately, there is a technical service SONY in Mendoza who fully understands that a laptop or a SONY computer are extremely sensitive instruments which deserve preferential treatment, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the product and extend its useful life. There are people who see the inside of a computer feel induced to disarm it, to see how it works. But isn’t the same disarming a unit reassembly.

There is even a computer manipulations that can be dangerous, for example causing electric shock.It is preferable to leave in the hands of professionals using these devices as compicados, who will accurately identify problems that may have on its operation. Although desktop computers tend to be much larger than the laptops, inside the same components are repeated, and the way they operate is very similar. The difference between both types of computers, is that laptops are much more compact, comlejizando repair in case of a malfunction.Essentially, a computer is composed of different devices, and all of them are linked by a basic motherboard, and are fed by a power source that has the ability to give each part on the PC a different voltage, as required. The most important part of a computer is the motherboard. It is composed of a series of complex circuits, whose function is to coordinate and organize the operation of other devices.

All computers have a microprocessor, i.e. a small microchip, responsible for carrying out millions of calculations per second, thanks to which it is possible that a PC meets the various functions, as requested by the user. The microchip is composed by a driver, and it does actually is driving energy through various circuits, process that generates much heat. So it is that on the microchip is placed a small fan, which should dissipate this heat but the circuits could melt. Before the slightest doubt with the functioning of these parts, it is best to resort to a technical service SONY in Mendoza, who may proceed with the repair needed with speed and professionalism.