a The new knowledge is the basis of competitiveness in society poscapitalistaa a Peter Drucker … is of great importance to common people will be given the opportunity to experience consciously and intelligently the efforts and results of scientific research. It is sufficient that each result is obtained and applied by specialists in the field. Restrict the core of knowledge to a small group off the philosophical spirit of a people and leads to spiritual poverty … Albert Einstein We are in an era where knowledge is really crucial in all those activities that require skills, abilities, actions, strategies involving organizations to play a pivotal role in scenarios where they operate and where their human resource management are fully identified with the technical tool in the present application of the knowledge society.

We know that a company is really a community of people organized to produce something, its ability production depends on what we usually know and the knowledge they have acquired in their routines and production gear. Tangible assets of a company are of limited value unless people know what to do with them. It is therefore not surprising when he says, that the great change it is making the transition from industrial society paradigm to the paradigm of knowledge society., Which requires new management tools, effective, guaranteed results beneficial to the organization . In this regard, wikilearning shows, which keep the fact that the generation of added value through knowledge, innovation and the improvement of products and services of the company come from the intelligence and creativity of individuals.