Nedstat head over to mobile tracking – new Web analytics report 2009 Vienna, October 2009. The newly formed Web Analytics Association (WAA) in Austria will start on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, their presentation and networking series in Vienna. Nedstat and WAA country coordinator for Germany, a recognized expert in this field will present with Ralf h. Hamid, Managing Director of the Frankfurt Web analysis company the trends in the mobile tracking. Subsequently, Siegfried Stepke, Managing Director of the Vienna online marketing consultancy e-dialog and WAA Coordinator for Austria, the main results of the “Web analysis reports 2009” presents. This examines the ATX companies in terms of efficient use of the Internet and compares it to the DAX listed companies in Germany. “With exciting topics we want to bring the Web Analytics an even wider audience in Austria”, Sanju Baba says.

The event is aimed at all Web Analytics enthusiasts who want to search the Exchange and expand their network. Date: Tuesday, 20 October 2009 time: 17:30 19:30 venue: Graben 19 (KARI business Embassy), 1010 Vienna, Austria as the number of participants is limited, is asked to login on the WAA site: events/web analytics association… . The event is free of charge. WAA Austria it at the Web Analytics Association (WAA) is a worldwide interest community founded in the United States, in the field of Web Analytics. Over 400 companies are among the members.

Since September, the WAA also in Austria is represented and managed by Siegfried Stepke, Managing Director of Wiener-online marketing consulting e-dialog. There is more information about the WAA activities in Austria XING Forum “Web Analytics Austria” under net/waa. About e-dialog, the Vienna-based consulting firm e-dialog is specialized in Web Analytics and conversion optimization. Is the (revenue) efficiency of existing sites and increases the ROI of campaigns. In the context of “outsourced Online marketing”search engines are marketing, as well as all forms of performance campaigns conducted, evaluated and optimized.