One of the basics in designing the page, it is as we will create that kind of pages we have, in that order we them put, i.e. must be planning a sketch what will be our page designed for sales you indicate, the type and the number of pages needed a website designed and optimized to sell index.htm or index.html. This page is the main, we first see when you enter a site, logically will have to draw the attention of the Navigator when it enters, because if expires is not us we lose the customer.It should be a page with a powerful header, showing the maximum benefits of our product, and at the same time not be very extensive, should achieve that sailor feel curiosity and continue browsing on it.It is very important that we get to capture their data through a newsletter, your email address, to send you our campaigns 2.htm pag, pag 3htm will have to have other pages of good content to please our reader giving content quality, but without explaining it all, leaving the important content to send it in a newsletter.These pages should contain links to the our product sales letter.It is important to have other content aside from the index.htm page, to please the search engines and which position us well contact, htm. Robotics may not feel the same. This page is essential in any site that boasts, since at any time the Navigator may have doubts, questions or want to make any comment, then we must provide to be put in contact with us, we must also put a link on all pages that we can so write us who we are. Internet is currently a bit impersonal, we should give confidence to our sailors, explaining clearly that company is, that direction has, what its makers and preferably phone, to allow them to get in touch with us, leave name and apellidos(Aunque se que esto no gusta) is imperative to do so to give reliability product sales letter. . In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply.