What brings a recovery, must be warauf you and why the recovery DVDs create a sensible precaution is recovery – what is it? PCs, laptops and Netbooks by brand-name manufacturers have integrated almost always a function which you can reset the software to the factory settings. Thus, you can eradicate stubborn errors, which themselves have slipped in the course of the operation. When the infection with viruses and Trojans a recovery (or a reinstallation of Windows) is the only way really to make sure, that the system is clean again. You should do so in this case best by the created recovery disks. Before, even if you intend to sell your computer, you should reset it to factory settings. Sometimes the system even offers, making a recovery, for example, when Windows boots up properly. While you should bear in mind be sure that the recovery all taken before you undo changes makes, i.e. subsequently installed programs and especially your own stored data will be deleted! If possible, back up your data before you reset.

If you have yet another partition for data on your hard disk as well as the C: drive, where Windows and programs are located, it is sufficient in principle, to copy your data there and then set in the recovery that only C: drive should be restored. This is generally a good idea. Safe walk however by backing up your data on a hard disk or a USB stick, because that also protects against data loss due to a faulty disk. How does a recovery? The data from which the restore function takes the plant State, is located in a mostly hidden partition on the hard drive of your computer. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the drive in Explorer is visible, it is then usually also recovery or similar. Generally start the recovery by directly during booting of the computer press a specific key or key combination.