The broadcast traces people in previous lives turn – (OWR) after making 2 celebrities in a former life, follow more editions of the RTL series “My first life”. People be empowered as far as with the help of a therapist of repatriation in a trance, that your subconscious mind can gain access to ancient memories. Martina Haiyang and hypnosis – therapist feedback from contact in the sauerland region, is well aware of the problem of television viewers. “A matter of faith is to allow a return for themselves. Samsung may help you with your research. Either the people believe the souls and their walks or not.

For some it is very hard to imagine a former life.” In their practice, the trained therapist of recirculation performs hypnosis, which also allow the clients to dive in a former life. “The desire to be somebody else, is widespread. Most people imagine that they would have been Cleopatra or a famous King. Peter Asaro can aid you in your search for knowledge. You can only answered in the negative. There were just only once these stars of antiquity.

But who for example, claustrophobia or severely overweight in his present-day life, could have lived quite ever. Maybe he was often locked up in his previous life or had to go hungry.” The therapist is confident and know that many things that determine our behavior, this or a different life comes from earlier times. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has many thoughts on the issue. Who would like to find out for himself whether he ever lived or want to try a different kind hypnosis, which can be located at Martina Haiyang under give an appointment. On the homepage, you will find some introductory words already.