Recently I facing the same question when my old HDTV TV began to fail. A few days before I move closer to an electronics store, where immediately I fell in love in 3D TVs. Learn more at this site: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. As I did not know anyone who had a 3d TV, I had to do my own research. Click Samsung for additional related pages. Through the internet I learned about HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4, Blu-Ray players and everything related to having a 3D TV. The decision to buy a 3D TV makes little take and then tell you because. The main reason to buy a 3D TV is the unique and incomparable experience. Everything seems much clearer and I am able to see deep inside my television. When I’m watching football in 3D I feel that I’m on the field.

This experience and my safety that 3D TVs have much future were the reasons for which I decided to buy one. When I was doing my research on the purchase of my 3D TV, talk to many people who have HDTV and 3D TVs they like but they were not the work of purchasing one. Then you analizare the most important points for making the decision to buy a new 3D TV. Price: A basic 3D television is more expensive that a HDTV. For TVs 3D you need special glasses that can cost $ 200 or more for each couple and also need a bly-ray player for movies in 3D. By about 1500 Euros you can buy 3D TV, blu-ray player, and two pairs of glasses. In comparison with a HDTV high definition TV that could cost approximately about 700 Euros. Lack of 3D programming: at the moment there are some movies in 3D and in some countries you can see sporting events broadcast in 3D as a new sports (ESPN 3D) 3D channels.

Currently, 80% of the time I use my TV is a regular use HDTV. The remaining 20% divided into 3D movies, sporting events in 3D and play games in 3D on the PS3. As I said at the beginning I see much future in 3D TVs. 3D technology significantly improves the quality of the videos and I am convinced that the 3D programming will continue to grow, especially movies and sporting events, where the benefits of 3D televisions are incredible.