3. Although you wanted to build a house for yourself, some things you probably will not be able to do themselves, for example, to gas or build a foundation. In this case, you must choose a team of builders, which will depend on the end result of all of a house. 4. ELLEMENT important before starting the construction of communication are at the site. Most often, communication is carried out before pouring the foundation, or simultaneously with it. Be sure you will need water, sanitation and electricity could be gas. We may recall about heating, but many face the challenge of heating their own, using the heated floors and boilers.

5. The construction of a house begins with laying the foundation. Because of what project you choose depends on the choice of foundation. If you are building a foundation for the first time, it is preferable to take the help of experts who will advise how to find the right type of foundation and will make it fill. To know more about this subject visit altavista. 6. After the erection of the foundation can begin to build a floor, walls and ceilings, or simply put a framework to build your home. The technology, which will be built in your home or cottage, built into the project of your home.

7. Once assembled frame can be raised to the roof and lay a roof it. Explore types of roofs and pick up the kind of roof. Parallel need to build internal and external staircase in the house. Create a ladder with his hands- this is one of the most difficult tasks when building a house. 8. After construction of the boxes at home to install windows and exterior and interior doors. In the market there is quite a wide range of manufacturing companies. Perhaps you already know what will install windows and doors. 9. It is likely that the final step in building a house will be internal and external decoration. From the outside, it can be oblitsevat siding, stone levy – the choice is completely in your hands. Finish inside the home runs entirely on your taste and wishes. Interior Design, you can consider yourself or seek the services of professionals. 10. After completion you can refine the territory around the house green the surrounding area, to put a fence and elevate the backyard.