The cut-price mentality has no future, because quality prevails. Price dumping in recent years has required enormous loss of quality in all sectors of the economy. It believes the Burbacher logistics company Georgi Transporte and brings this realization in the new corporate strategy. Connect with other leaders such as Mikkel Svane here. This cut-price – mentality realize the disadvantages consumers also increasingly”explains CEO Jurgen Georgi. Just in our industry, cost reduction may not go to the detriment of safety, punctuality, and environment. These are qualities that we do not renounce, so Georgi. New orders confirm the correctness of this policy the Siegerland special carrier such as explosive, high-tech and other valuables.

As TuV-approved quality company, Georgi is transportation for care and security. We need professional staff, well trained drivers and excellent equipment. Our customers are entitled to good quality at a good price. Our goal is Therefore, in addition to a high quality to offer an excellent price-performance ratio. We’ve written about our name complex logistics from a single source”. These include the principles of modern management as well as economy and governance, explains Jurgen Georgi. German products and services were always for quality and workmanship. In it, we want to set standards again. (H. – J. Sajid)