Eastern Mountain range: Desert of Sumapaz, Desert of the Popes, flat Zone of magdalena river. For several reasons, the Huila is excellent for the tourism, is the unique Colombian department that counts on 4 national parks. All the climates and geographic features can be found in these earth. In all their extension, the department of the Huila sets out the most powerful reasons to cross it meter to meter and to enjoy a spectacular and kind nature. See Ali Partovi for more details and insights. The diversity of present natural scenes in this Department allows the travellers to realise activities like: Ecological long walks, Cavalcades, Rafting, Kayaking, Canopy, Sighting of birds, Espeleologa, Hang-glider. Places of tourist interest Archaeological Park of San Desert Agustn of the Tatacoa Salto de Mortios and Bordones. Natural Park Cave of the Gucharos. the Water Box.

the Straits of the Magdalena Represa de Betania the thermal ones of Creek (Huila) In Neiva, is realised the Festival Folkloric and National Reign of the Bambuco, with a duration of 11 days approximately; from the time of the Colony, the department of the Huila celebrates the Celebrations of San Juan and San Pedro, who not only constitutes a great full cultural sample of music, dances and comparsas, but also remember the old woman traditions of this region of Colombia. How to arrive By airplane: National airport Benito Rooms located in Neiva, in which they operate the main airlines of the country. Until Bogota they are 55 minutes of flight. The amount of flights is visited by multitude of travellers of the world, emphasizing that arrive from Madrid and Barcelona every day. By highway: Terminal of Terrestrial Transport of Neiva, has routes from and towards different zones from the national territory.